Computer Science

Computers are essential to modern life and by studying computer science you can put yourself at the forefront of latest technical advances in robotics, gaming and virtual reality.

Through a computer science degree you'll learn about programming, software development, databases and computer architecture, giving you the knowledge to work as an IT consultant or software engineer. As a computer science graduate you could work for a multinational organisation such as Microsoft or Google, smaller-scale companies or you could even launch your own start-up company.

Luke Stringer

Luke Stringer

Luke graduated with a degree in software engineering and now works as a senior software engineer at 3Squared Ltd.

My current role is primarily concerned with designing and implementing software. This involves analysing the business requirements gathered from a client, breaking them down into chunks of development, assessing any risks and unknowns, estimating how long tasks will take, and ultimately building the solution by writing code.

Programming is the key part in this process, and this is typically what I spend the majority of my time doing. I use my knowledge and experience of the iOS platform to build software that fits the business requirements in the most efficient, maintainable and extensible way possible.

A typical day will start by talking with a project manager to find out what my priorities are for the day. I may work on implementing a new feature or fixing some bugs highlighted in a round of testing. Programming can sometimes be a solitary activity where I put my headphones on, listen to some good music, get in the zone, and code away! Other times when I am struggling with a solution I ask one of my colleagues for a second opinion, and we discuss possible solutions. Similarly I will offer help and advice to colleagues when they need it.

I most enjoy the creative freedom i have when building software. Looking at a set of requirements for the first time can often be daunting, but the process of figuring out how to implement them and writing code is both engaging and fun. Bringing an idea to life and ultimately seeing it in people's hands is a wonderful feeling.