Electronic and Electrical Engineering

The modern world relies on electricity, which means electrical and electronic engineers are in huge demand and are among the highest paid engineering professionals.

Electronic engineers design and develop the circuits and components that are found in all electronic devices, while electrical engineers are involved with safely and efficiently producing and distributing electrical power. This means there are opportunities for electrical and electronic engineering graduates in a wide range of industries, including energy production, defence, transport and consumer electronics.

Sagnik Mukherjee

Sagnik Mukherjee

Sagnik is an Electrical Engineering graduate who currently works for BP as part of their oil and gas operations.

Until recently I worked as part of a team designing and building a gas plant in Oman. My role included investigating options for cabling and power supplies and producing detailed calculations and drawings. I've since moved on to a role in the Asset Care Team at the Sullom Voe oil and gas terminal in the Shetland Islands.

Moving from a front end engineering design role to a job that in the field 24/7 has been an amazing challenge. It has helped me fully appreciate the aspects of a gas plant's engineering that I was involved with designing in my first role and it also means I've worked on all aspects of gas plant engineering, from design and delivery to running the finished product.

A typical day at Sullom Voe can range from climbing up a 50ft ladder to inspect a massive cooling fin fan in order to troubleshoot its problems, to understanding the complexities of spark potential arising from a faulty electrical junction box within an explosive environment. I has also been involved in overhauling large 2MW induction motors that are probably the size of an average double bedroom.

The sheer scale of the designs being worked upon are staggering. The gas plant in Oman is 25km by 15km and the well fields are spread out for hundreds of kms. So as an engineer it's a dream come true to be able to play with such large scale kit and liteally take it to bits and put it back together again. It's like Lego but much larger!