Grace O'Halloran

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Grace O'Halloran

What did you study at A-level?

Maths, Further Maths and German at A-level and History at AS-level

How did you decide which degree course to take?

A few things inspired me to go down the mathematical route. I had started reading some books about the history of maths, which I found particularly fascinating. This opened my eyes to areas of maths that I hadn’t previously encountered at school and encouraged me to pursue it further. As well as this I had a great Further Maths teacher in Year 12, who showed me that maths can be fun!

What part of your course have you enjoyed the most so far?

My favourite module that I am studying this year is called Mathematical Investigation Skills. It is essentially a basic computer programming module. I have learnt how to write my own programs and my own websites, which I think is really cool! I was really proud of the websites and the programs I was able to create in this module and it has inspired me to continue with more programming next year. I think it is important to try new things at university, as you never know what you might end up enjoying!

What are your plans for the future?

Even though I have started my degree course, I am still not 100% sure what career path I want to take, so don’t worry if you don’t know yet either! All I know is that I am really enjoying my programming and so I am wanting to go down that route. I am currently in the process of getting a summer work placement with Experian (the credit rating company), which will be really good experience for me, especially if I am wanting to work with computers in the future. I have organised this myself, however universities will have a careers office who will be more than happy to help you organise any work placements.


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