Lawrie Campbell

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

MEng Chemical Engineering

Lawrie Campbell

What subjects did you study before coming to university? 

Chemistry, Maths, Physics & Biology A-levels

How did you decide which degree course to take?

I was rejected from medicine and Chemical Engineering was my back up. Don’t let it be your back up! It would be my first choice if I did it again.

Why did you choose Sheffield?

It’s a very unique city that is very friendly and multicultural. The architecture of the university oozes its commitment to its students; the renovations and developments since I have arrived here show just how much this university cares about having facilities it feels students deserve. It is the perfect combination of beautiful scenery and contemporary, affordable living and nightlife!

What has been the highlight so far of your time at university?

One highlight has been being awarded the role of SALT lead. The Student Ambassadors for Learning & Teaching (SALT) scheme is a dynamic, creative and inspiring network of students working on learning & teaching projects. The Ambassadors influence, improve and develop how students learn and how they are taught at the departmental, faculty and university level.

Being a SALT is a paid, part-time role. You work on a projects relevant to your department and faculty in a way that works alongside your timetable. Typically it’s about three hours a week, with the leads working around five. Last year our engineering project concerned student-staff engagement and how it could be improved. We completed vast levels of research before running departmental events such as lunches, quizzes, sports events and BBQs. We gathered feedback questionnaires from each event and used the responses in order to improve each subsequent event. Each year the SALT project is different and it’s up to you as a team to direct where you will take it. Set yourself a few goals and always create more as you go, that way you’ll never be behind!

However, not everything to do with SALT is serious though. There are many opportunities to get out and integrate with other disciplines at the regular quizzes, Christmas dinners and end of year presentation ceremony.

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