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Naomi Frazer

What did you study at A-Level?

Maths, Physics, German at A-level and Biology at AS. I also did an Extended Project Qualification on the topic of overconsumption

How did you decide which degree course to take?

I was good at both maths and physics and wanted to end up in a job where I could be hands-on and not stuck in an office all day.

Which part of your course have you enjoyed most so far?

During the last week of the January exam period, engineers across the faculty took part in Engineering You’re Hired week, choosing a project we had an interest in. I researched ways of harnessing energy from sewers, calculating power output, evaluating cost projections and possible profit, payback time, problems which could occur and how they could be resolved. Within a hardworking group we each took turns to act as group leaders, presenting each day's findings in a board room meeting with an academic member of staff and industrial representative, and finally compiling a report and presentation, which was followed by in depth questioning from a member of industry.

The questioning was extensive, testing us to make sure we had considered what could go wrong and what we had planned to do in such a situation, any developments that could be made in the future, where our figures had come from and ensuring we had researched all aspects of the project in sufficient detail. In our hub (people working on the same project matter), the group I was working with won the week with the best and most developed idea. Throughout the week we developed CV/employment skills, answered daily questions such as identifying situations where we’ve dealt with change, worked well in a team, solved problems or had to deal diplomatically with a difficult situation. Furthermore, the week was based around a full time job, with full 9-5pm days, where students were penalised for being late. I am proud to say I was on time every day without fail. 

What has been the highlight so far of your time at university?

Joining the canoe club - it has been amazingly fun and social with lovely people.

What are your plans for the future?

I'd like to work in the green energy sector developing wave or sewage power, or on sustainable buildings which use low impact materials. Preferably I'd like to work abroad either in Europe or Japan if the opportunity arose. 

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