Nicola Richards

Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

BEng Computer Systems Engineering

Nicola Richards

What subjects did you study before coming to university?

Maths, Physics, ICT at A-Level and Further Maths and French at AS.

How did you decide which degree course to take?

Whilst doing my A levels, I didn’t know what I wanted to do “when I’m older” at all, (I still don’t really) but I was just studying subjects that I enjoy. I researched courses focused around these subjects, and read descriptions for each until I’d narrowed it down to just a few courses. I then spoke to current students and looked at career prospects of each before finally deciding.

What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course?

Everyone is going on about ‘your personal statement’, but if you’ve not got a course in mind, don’t panic! It took me a long time to decide on my course, so make sure you start early and do a lot of research. University can be quite intense, so make sure you’re going to enjoy the subject that you’ve picked, however, at the same time, you can often mould your course around the modules that you enjoy the most.

Which part of your course have you enjoyed most so far?

I am most enjoying the programming module, which surprises me as I’m far from the best at it. I’d never done anything like it before, but it’s the only subject I enjoy finding out where I went wrong.

What has been the highlight so far of your time at university?

Although I miss my family, I’ve absolutely loved living away from home, and spending 100% of your time with friends. It’s great fun going shopping and cooking meals for yourself, even if you can sometimes lack inspiration and miss a cooked meal from mom.

What are your plans for the future?  

I’d love to travel, but I’m  not too sure how I’ll fund it, so I plan on taking a year abroad, working in industry. After this, I’ll have a better understanding of what I’m working towards and what extra activities I should be getting involved in. I might even be one of those lucky enough to secure a job for after university!

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