Vaidehi Patil

Department of Bioengineering

BEng Bioengineering

Vaidehi Patil

What subjects did you study before coming to university?

I did the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme where I opted to take Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at Higher Level (HL) and English A1, French B and Biology at Standard Level (SL).

How did you decide which degree course to take?

Normally everyone has preferences when it comes to the sciences but unlike most people I loved studying all of them and couldn’t pick just one path so I decided that I'd like to do an interdisciplinary course. I loved studying about the human body and its intricacies but I was also extremely curious about the mechanisms behind everyday technologies and machines. So I thought why not combine both? Biology was my favourite subject but I wanted to view it from a different perspective and actually work with applying mechanical principles rather than just studying them. The idea of using technology to make the human body work better and to cure diseases was so appealing. Not to mention, studying more than one science in school along with Maths gave me a good base to work upon. I looked at all my subjects, especially the ones I liked the most and was good at, and tried to see which courses fit the bill and, voila, I found Bioengineering which in my opinion is the perfect combination!

Which part of your course have you enjoyed most so far?

I love the variety my course offers. While most courses usually revolve around the same subject topics and areas, bioengineering allows me to do a whole host of things. Some of my favourites include the biochemistry-related Materials Science modules, which include excellent lab sessions and two anatomy practicals in first year. There was also the Mechanical Engineering Design Skills module which we took with Mechanical Engineering students, where we worked in groups to design working models such as a model car and a  golf putter that were tailored to pass specific tests. Bioengineers get to work with many different engineers and we also get to see a subject from various perspectives. Plus, there are also four streams to choose from according to which aspects of the course you liked most.

What has been the highlight so far of your time at university?

University life is very different from school life, at university you are considered an adult and get to make your own decisions which is very refreshing. Yet, support is always available in the form of a personal tutor, professors, PhD students, course mates and special university services so I’m never too worried about being lost about what I’m doing. It has also been a time where I’ve gotten to learn how to work and function in an environment with such diverse people with differing views on life. It has made me appreciate how real life functions as opposed to school life, which is more sheltered.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to get on a PhD programme in another country right after my BEng degree and continue onto higher studies. This is on my path to hopefully working in the field of research someday at either a prominent biotechnology or pharmaceutical company or in the research department of a university. 

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